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Great company! There was a demonstration/strike the day I'd booked the bus. Since I wanted to do it that same day, they gave me an extended ticket - for 3 days - including the Pireus line (or rather all lines, but since it's winter there's only 2 - Athens and Pireus). That was simply awesome service! They didn't cause the strike, so in all honesty they didn't have to, but they did! The bus rides were great, audio was very informative. On one of the Athens line buses the audio device was slightly broken, so the audio on that one wasn't great. I'd definitely recommend this!

Very convenient and affordable way to get access to a lot of the interesting places in and outside of Athens. The city-tour also gives a guided (personal headphones to audio-guide are available at the bus) and good summary overview of the old and the neo-classical Athens - and the beach-tour was a perfect way to leave the city and get some Mediterranean waves.

Försättsbild: Francisco Restivo, CC BY 2.0