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It is a very nice way to get a tour around town when you go by segway! It is easy to ”drive” and you get around everywhere. We went twice on our vacation and we found that the experience very much depends on which guides you get. The first day we had young guides that were very good at explaining how the segway works and how to ”drive” it. The incouraged us and mase us feel safe. The whole group felt good and everyone was happy. The second day the guides were not as good teachers so we were happy that it was our second time. The tour-information was very good both days though.

We booked an amazing tour around Cracow by bike. That’s a excellent way to transport thru the narrow and crowded streets of Cracow. The bikes were very comfortable tho in really bad shape. Our guide Max was both charming and knowledgeable and he described every place we went to with such a enthusiasm and compassion. Had a really nice time, the tour was perfect in length and time.

Max är en mycket bra guide och rundturen var mycket trevlig och lärorik. Tråkigt att vi stannade för lunch på en restaurang som inte hade den kapacitet som krävdes. Lunchen tog därför över 1 timma.

Thanks for a super nice food walk! Olga Kwaczyńska is a really good guide and showed us a lot of nice places and typical polish food. She even sent us the recipes afterwards.

En mycket intressant guidening av en mycket duktig guide. Vi fick bekanta oss med historien om judarnas vedermödor och lidande.