Florence Travel Guide

Prepare to feel the pulse of the Renaissance echoing through time as you explore Florence with this guide. This isn't just a city; it's an immersive masterpiece waiting for you to explore.

Marvel at the iconic Duomo, where Brunelleschi's dome kisses the sky, and Giotto's Campanile stands tall, whispering tales of centuries past. Dive into lesser-known gems like the Brancacci Chapel, where Masaccio's frescoes ignite your senses with vivid storytelling.

What about food? You're in the birthplace of gelato, so that's your first must, and the rest of the food scene is just as tempting. Feast on hearty ribollita and silky pappa al pomodoro, savoring each bite as though time itself slows down.

Summer is Florence's secret weapon. The city's energy glistens under the Tuscan sun. Take a leisurely stroll along the Arno, watching the sunset set the river ablaze with color.

For families, Florence is a playground of learning and fun. The interactive Galileo Museum will have your little explorers reaching for the stars, while Boboli Gardens offers a green haven for play.

Day trips to the Chianti wine region or a tour of the Uffizi Gallery with a local guide await, promising experiences that go beyond the guidebooks.

Dive into the delights of Florence with this guide and be forever enchanted.

Best places to visit in Florence: top attractions you don't want to miss


Whether you’re an art buff, a food fanatic or simply just after a taste of la dolce vita, Florence is almost overflowing with places to visit and sights to see. But with this in mind, you’ll need to build your hit list carefully. Which art galleries should you include in your itinerary? What are the must-see spots if traveling with kids? Where should you go if you want to learn about Florence’s rich culture and history?

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