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Dubai: as melhores coisas para fazer

Deseja descobrir tudo o que há para fazer em Dubai? Clique aqui para uma lista completa.

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4.5 / 5

baserat på 6 701 omdömen

This day was amazing! We were four people and booked a single quad bike so everyone could drive their own - deffinetly worth paying extra for this! I thought we would drive in a fenced area but we didn't - we drove free out in the desert with a guide/instructor. That was amazing and so much fun! Then we drove to the camp were we could ride on a camel and do activities such as henna painting, etc. Everything was included in the prize, so you didn't need to pay extra for this. The show was nice and the grilled food buffet was really good. The dessert wasn't that good, that was the only thing I didn't like with this trip. Otherwise, everything was amazing and totally recommend this. And totallt worth paying extra to drove a quad bike!

I had picked this very special morning safari to celebrate my 50th birthday with my daughter and my girlfriend. This was a great kickstart of the day. Our guide Mr Mohammad urs was terrific as driver and guide. We all had so many laughs on the wild ride over the dunes. All the best to Mr Mohammad/ Niklas Olsson from Sweden

It was a fun adventure with a short camel ride at first. Then off to the sanddunes with our awesome driver Akbar - felt very safe with hus drivning. It was a thrill to go over the dunes. Almost like an rollercoaster! Ended up with some sandboarding and the possibility to take some photos at the dunes.

Hade en fantastisk förmiddag på denna Safari. Vår guide Mohammad var den absolut bästa och roligaste guiden vi haft. Han gjorde denna safari till något alldeles extra med massa information på väg ut till öknen om saker vi körde förbi. Lagomt lång.

Skulle vi inte få se palatset? Tycket jag hörde någonstans att det var stängt.... men var det stängt? Var det därför vi inte fick se det? Det stod att vi skulle få se palatset när vi bokade biljetten.