Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore

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4.4 / 5

baserat på 8 261 omdömen

A must see if you are in Florence. Whether you decide to go with a guide or not making the climb up the dome is one of the most amazing things to do in Florence. I would however highly recommend that you go with a guide because hearing the history of it and having someone to point out all the interesting details while you are there will greatly enhance your experience. Also worth noting if the 400 steps seems daunting you will appreciate getting the opportunity to stop and rest while the guide tells you something a couple of times during the climb. Our guide Manuel was both funny and inventive in the ways he explained and illustrated the history of the dome and how it was built. If you suffer from the fear of highs like me the trip will be somewhat scary but manageable and worth it in the end.

Bra och initierad guide. Bra logistik i rätt tid. Mycket intressant. Häftig upplevelse. Ett stort minus är att man, efter kupolvandringen slussas ut ur kyrkan som man fått se uppifrån insidan av kupolen. Man borde självklart fått se kyrkan ”på golvet” också utan att behöva köa upp igen !!

Our guide Manuel was amazing! As a engineer I really appreciated this tour as the main focus was the construction and its history. Very easy to follow and explained in a humorous way. Highly recommend!