Adventure Vikings


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Om aktivitetsarrangören

Adventure Vikings is a friendly activity and adventure day tour operator company in Iceland. We focus on small groups so you won’t feel like squashed sardines in a box when enjoying Icelandic nature and the activities Iceland has to offer. We at Adventure Vikings are experienced guides who enjoy the outdoors and the activities that Iceland brings us. Growing up in Iceland gave us the opportunities to enjoy the privileges that the versatile Icelandic nature has to offer. Our lifestyles have varied, from standing on the highest peaks to explore the underwater nature. Nothing is too far out for us to reach. Icelandic nature is our playground, our passion and way of living. We respect the nature and are thankful for the opportunity to see the reflection of our own lifestyles to other people. Adventure Vikings was established in 2010 as an activity and adventure tour operator company. We started with a surf school but have been developing into other activities such as snorkeling, caving and hiking.

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